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We have an exciting new science fiction book for you by Diane J Cornwell.

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Broken Series Boxed Set

We have just published the complete science fiction Broken series by Diane J Cornwell as a boxed set of Broken Faith, Broken Land and Broken Agreement. We have also included two bonus short stories, Fire Starter and Bird Whisperer, both written in the same Broken world.

More details here. We will add the distributor links as soon as they become available.


The Case of the Crop Duster Dog

By Diane J Cornwell

If you like Cozy Mysteries, then you will like our new novella, The Case of the Crop Duster Dog by Diane J Cornwell. Details and links are here.

Fantasy Tracker Series

By Diane J Cornwell

Rider (Tracker #1) Released January, 2016
Guard (Tracker #2) Released March, 2016
Judge (Tracker #3) Released August, 2016
Mage (Tracker #4) Released February, 2017
Trackers (Tracker #5) Released August, 2017

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A new fantasy series including mages, dragons, tracker horses and more.

More detail with distributor links here.


Sensing Danger Series 

By Diane J Cornwell

Ebooks of the first three stories in the Sensing Danger Series are now available.

Print versions coming soon.

Blurbs and links here.


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Galaxy Freight Omnibus Edition

By Diane J Cornwell

A print and eBook Omnibus Edition of the first six stories of Diane J Cornwell’s Galaxy Freight Series is now available.

This Science Fiction adventure series has a mixed cast of characters including Captain Alana Black, an android who likes to change personalities, her ship’s artificial intelligence, aliens, pirates and Peace Keepers. More details on our Books Available tab.










Machani Diplomat 

By Diane J Cornwell 

We are happy to announce another great read by Diane J Cornwell called Machani Diplomat will be available in January, 2015 with both electronic and print versions.

This is a YA Science Fiction story with an enjoyable cast of characters. For more details visit our Books Available tab.

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The “Broken” Series

By Diane J Cornwell

Print Version Published July 2014

We are happy to announce that Diane J Cornwell’s Broken Series print version is available.

For more details, check our Books Available page.

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