Jazz’s Asteroid

Jazz’s Asteroid

By Diane J Cornwell

Who said bad luck only happens in threes?

When fourteen year old apprentice tug pilot Jason “Jazz” JAECover_1webJackson rescues a loose steel beam before it breeches the space station and kills hundreds, he is accused of breaking rules by the space station manager.

He then fails an unexpected simulator test, even though he is aware he is the best apprentice tug pilot at the station. He starts to doubt his abilities.

Next he is blamed for stealing the station manager’s pet walking fish. He looks for evidence to prove his innocence and discovers an asteroid approaching his sector of space and time is running out. With all pilots evacuating key personnel to the planet, he comes up with a daring plan based on an unproven theory to save everyone still on the station.

Available in electronic form for $4.99 at B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords and others.

Unavailable in print for $12.99 at this time. Will update when print copies are again available.


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