Short Stories

Old Forest

by Diane J Cornwell

When humans spread across the valley and began clearing the edge of the old forest Amy agreed to leave her home in the forest to marry Henry if he helped her protect the forest trees.

But Amy’s marriage contract to dear sweet Henry came to an end when he died trying to stop the clearing of more giant trees.

Those who took part in clearing more trees and killing Henry needed to pay the price for destroying the forest before she left the village for good.

Grab a copy of Old Forest for a short fantasy read of magical revenge. Links coming when published in January 2021.

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Paper Groceries

by Diane J Cornwell

Fourteen year old Gina Brown did not believe the social workers when they said she had distant relatives up north. So when they left her in the small town girls home she run away. Tired, she stopped running when she entered an empty park. She needed to think through her options now she was orphaned.

First she needed money so she could take a bus as far away as possible. A house across the street looked suitable to rob so she walked in the front door.

This fantasy short story Paper Groceries shows magic can help to find family, even if you do not believe in magic.

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The Spelled Bridge

by Diane J Cornwell

TheBridge3bCover-WebLenka woke when her bed began shaking. The village was under attack. She found her mother, Edra, trying to magically explode each ship-launched boulder before it damaged the sea wall or the stone buildings.

Lenka realised that now she was sixteen she did not have to hide her magic from her mother or Wizard Lennox. She threw a fireball at the closest ship. And set it on fire.

The bombardment stopped, but her mother was was worried Wizard Lennox would block Lenka’s memory to stop her ability to cast spells. Edra ordered Lenka south with the animals and children. However, Lenka had other ideas on how to help repel the invaders.

Enjoy this short fantasy story based in the Tracker Series world.

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The Willow Stick

by Diane J Cornwell

A Roseworld Short Story

TheWillowStickCover-WebWhen the new President of the human colony on Roseworld ordered her robot police force to arrest all surviving pirates, nineteen year old pirate Nyle Swift fled west of the spaceport on foot.

Nyle hid under a willow tree to avoided being seen when a searching craft flew overhead. Covered in mud, he grabbed a willow stick to help climb the steep bank once the craft flew away.

When Nyle arrived at a isolated small village he thought he would be safe from capture, but was recognised and locked up to wait for a craft to fly him back to the space port.

This science fiction short story follows one pirate trying to avoid capture by the Roseworld police force robots.

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